Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project Communications Management PMBOK 4th Edition Changes

Project Communications Management PMBOK 4th Edition Changes

Chapter 10 has expanded the recognition and importance of stakeholders within projects. As most project teams cannot necessarily manage their stakeholders but can expect to influence them and their decisions, it was felt that Manage Stakeholder Expectations would better reflect the actual process. This also led to the change from a controlling process to an executing one as the activities are now more about doing than recording/reporting.

Chapter 10 Changes

Third Edition Sections
10.1 Communications Planning
10.2 Information Distribution
10.3 Performance Reporting
10.4 Manage Stakeholders

Fourth Edition Sections
10.1 Identify Stakeholders
10.2 Plan Communications
10.3 Distribute Information
10.4 Manage Stakeholder Expectations
10.5 Report Performance

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