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PMP Exam Information

PMP Exam Information

For PMP Examination, the following are the details:

Exam Version : Sep 2004 ( PMBOK Third Edition )
No of Questions : 200 ( 25 Questions non-countable )
Exam Duration : 4 Hours
Required Passing Score : 53%
Exam Fee : US$ 555.00 ( Non-PMI® Member ) / US$ 405.00 ( PMI® Member )
PMI® Membership Fee : US$109.00 + US$10.00 ( Application Fee ) - So it is cheaper if you join PMI before taking the exam.
Exam Period : Any avaliable time of Exam Center.
Exam Procedure :
Candidate submit their PMP Exam Application online ( Instructor will advice how to do so on the first lesson )
Wait for PMI® approves your application and issue Eligibility ID, normally within 7 working days
Register PMP® exam via by using the your Eligibility ID
Check for Exam Center available time and Schedule the Exam
Take your exam

Who recognizes the PMP certification?

Major companies and government agencies worldwide recognize the PMP certification. Several Fortune 1000 companies demand that all of their employees or subcontractors that are engaged in project management activities should be PMPs. In other words, the PMP certification has become a market differentiator; companies that do not have PMP certification programs are at a competitive disadvantage.

Some of the major companies that support project management certification include AT&T, Bell South, Bell Core, Bell Atlantic, US West, Motorola, GSK, Novartis, Citibank, HSBC, IBM, EDS, HP, ABB, Pacer International, Barclays, Microsoft, BBC, NCR, Eurotel, Shell, BP, and many others. Government agencies supporting PMP certification include the U.S. Defense Systems Management College, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Canada’s Department of National Defense.

New Version of PMP Credentials Handbook

The PMI has recently released a new version of the PMP Credentials Handbook. The new handbook simply contains more detailed information about the exam. You may want to find the latest version in the link below: PMPHandbook.pdf

PMI Project Management 2007 Salary Survey

In the latest issue of PMI today (A Supplement to PM Network), there is an article on the recent PMI release of the PMI Project Management Salary Survey. I have summarized the main points below:

Based on self-reported salary information from more than 5,500 project management practitioners.
Based on compensation data in the 19 countries surveyed.
95% of the respondents total compensation increased over the past 12 months. Out of which 40% have at least 5% increase.
98% of the respondents expected the total compensation to increase in the next 12 months. Out of which 43% expecting an increase of at least 5%.


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