Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project Procurement Management PMBOK 4th edition changes

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Project Procurement Management PMBOK 4th edition changes

Chapter 12 has consolidated six processes into four processes. Sections 12.1, Plan Purchases and Acquisitions and 12.2, Plan Contracting were combined to create 12.1, Plan Procurements. Sections 12.3, Request Seller Responses and 12.4, Select Sellers were combined to create 12.2, Conduct Procurements. Teaming Agreements were introduced.

Chapter 12 Changes

Third Edition Sections
12.1 Plan Purchases and Acquisitions
12.2 Plan Contracting
12.3 Request Seller Responses
12.4 Select Sellers
12.5 Contract Administration
12.6 Contract Closure

Fourth Edition Sections

12.1 Plan Procurements
12.2 Conduct Procurements
12.3 Administer Procurements
12.4 Close Procurements

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