Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project Time Management PMBOK 4th Edition Changes

Project Time Management PMBOK 4th Edition Changes

Chapter 6 reflects changes coming from within the industry and detailed in the Practice Standard for Scheduling. With the use of computer-supported scheduling, the Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM) and its Activity on Arrow (ADA) is rarely used. Therefore it is no longer considered to be used on "most projects, most of the time" and was not included in this chapter

Chapter 6 Changes

Third Edition Sections
6.1 Activity Definition
6.2 Activity Sequencing
6.3 Activity Resource Estimating
6.4 Activity Duration Estimating
6.5 Schedule Development
6.6 Schedule Control

Fourth Edition Sections
6.1 Define Activities
6.2 Sequence Activities
6.3 Estimate Activity Resources
6.4 Estimate Activity Durations
6.5 Develop Schedule
6.6 Control Schedule

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