Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project Management Tricks and Tools

Free Project Management Tricks and Tools from RMC

I was searching for more tips and tricks on the passing of PMP and found that there are some very good resources from RMC on Project Management Tricks and Tools. I have extracted some information below for reference:

Free Tricks and Tools

RMC regularly publishes short, easy-to-read project management tips and tricks. From time to time we also post our PowerPoint slides from some of our more popular presentations. These documents are designed to help you improve your project management knowledge, provide you with Tricks of the Trade® from around the world, and enhance your ability to use your project management skills in the workplace.

These documents are absolutely FREE, and each is published in a downloadable PDF format. If you would like access to these tips, tricks and presentations, you must become a member of the RMC site.

The Free Tricks of the Trade® Library Currently Includes:

New! White Paper: The Organizational Benefits of Project Management
Free Tips for Passing the PMP® Exam (as advertised in PM Network®)
What Makes a PM Successful? Part I
What Makes a PM Successful? Part II
Tricks for Working With Virtual Teams
Tricks of the Trade - Project Manager's Role With Contracts
Tricks for Determining Customer Requirements
Tricks for Involving End Users
Tricks for Improving Team Performance
Tricks for Understanding Professional and Social Responsibility
Tricks for Communicating With Management
Nine Things Your Boss Should Be Doing
Sample Project Charter
How to Handle Unrealistic Schedules
18 Reasons Why Projects Fail
Tricks for Selecting Vendors
Tricks for Becoming a Better Project Manager
The Benefits of Project Management
Tricks for Doing Planning Faster
Tips for the Worried Test Taker
Tricks for Overcoming Negativity
Tricks for Dealing with Anger in Project Management
Tricks for Maximizing Your Relationship with Your Boss
Two Methods to Calculate the Forward and Backward Passes in a Network Diagram
Tricks for Schedule Development
Tricks for Proactively Managing Stakeholders
Tricks for Proving Your Worth
Tricks for Avoiding Risk Stumbling Blocks
Tricks for Solving Common Project Problems
What Do Project Managers Wish Was Different in Their Companies?
Why Only Wimpy Project Managers Hold Status Meetings
Tricks for Clearly Defining Roles on Projects
Is Your Lack of Risk Management Knowledge Hurting You?
How to Use the Risk Book to Help You Pass the PMP® Exam
Handout from 9-23-04 PMI 20th Anniversary Celebration
Top Five Risk Errors That Can Ruin Your Career (PMI Global Congress 10-2004)

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