Thursday, April 9, 2009

PMI Concept Oriented Tips

PMI Concept Oriented Tips

PMI concept-oriented tips - (obtained from "PMP Exam Resource")

The project manager takes an active approach to the job by not waiting until a risk materializes and becomes a problem. This is an extremely important concept that might affect many questions on an exam. The project manager does not escalate problems to upper management or to the customer before fully analyzing them and identifying options.

When answering a question related to what the project manager should do in a specific situation, you should rephrase the question to: What is the first thing the project manager will do given such a situation and given his or her proactive nature?

Assume that lessons learned and historical databases are available. This might not be true in a real life situation.

PMI does not approve adding extra functionality without benefits or gold plating.
Project managers have all kinds of soft and hard skills.

The Work Breakdown Structures (WBSs) are wonderful tools.

Roles and responsibilities need to be properly defined.

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